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Aubrey Edwards and Cody Rhodes might be very different people, but they can both be unlocked as wrestlers in AEW Fight Forever, the new competitor to WWE 2K23.

Edwards has been with AEW as an official since 2019, enforcing the rules and counting pins with such integrity and passion that she’s built up quite the reputation among fans, which is why the developers put her into the game as a wrestler as a little easter egg – funnily enough, she still officiates her own fights when she’s in the ring.

Rhodes is another founding member of AEW and in a shocking twist truly worthy of sports entertainment left the company for WWE in 2022. He’s still available in AEW Fight Forever due to the game’s long development cycle, however, so fans can relive the good old times.

Here’s how to unlock Aubrey Edwards and Cody Rhodes in AEW Fight Forever.

How to unlock Aubrey Edwards – AEW Fight Forever

AEW Fight Forecer Aubrey Edwards entrance.

Aubrey Edwards is in the ring anyways, so why not let her fight as well?

You can purchase Aubrey Edwards as a playable character with in-game currency in the title’s Shop tab, where several different customization options are available. Finding Edwards there requires you to navigate to the More Items tab, where she’s listed as the second item.

You’ll need to amass 20,000 bucks to purchase her services, which fortunately is pretty simple: All you need to do is play the game and win matches to obtain more money. Overall, AEW gives out rewards in pretty generous amounts, so it won’t take you too long to climb into the ring with Aubrey Edwards.

AEW Fight Forever in-game shop.

The in-game shop fulfills all your character unlock needs.

Customizing her moveset should be one of your priorities as it’s pretty basic to start with: She comes with the Superkick as her signature move and the Brainbuster as her finisher.

How to unlock Cody Rhodes – AEW Fight Forever

AEW Fight Forever Cody Rhodes

Rhodes may be with WWE now, but fans can still enjoy his presence in AEW Fight Forever.

Follow the same steps as with Aubrey Edwards: Navigate to the Shop tab and from there to the More Items menu, where Cody Rhodes will be waiting for you as a purchasable option.

Rhodes costs 20,000 bucks as well, so you’ll want to win more matches and complete additional challenges to unlock him. The American Nightmare comes with all his signature moves, so there is no strict need for further customization.