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Alan Wake 2 Boltcutters: how to unlock the bolt cutters

Boltcutters location and how to unlock them in Alan Wake 2
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Alan Wake 2 has plenty of items and keys to find that help you explore the world, but one that you’ll get access to much later than you might expect is the Boltcutters. Yes, there are loads of locks around Bright Falls that can be sliced open with some heavy-duty steel, allowing Saga to explore more freely, but in order to unlock the Boltcutters you’ll need to make a fair amount of story progress.

If you want the Boltcutters as soon as possible make sure to stick to Saga’s side of the story, and when you’re finally on the path heading towards Valhalla Nursing Home to speak with Tor and Odin, you can follow this guide below to unlock the Boltcutters in Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2 Boltcutters location – AW2

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If you want the Boltcutters in Alan Wake 2, you’ll need to head to Valhalla Nursing Home once the story prompts you to speak with Tor and Odin. While at the Nursing Home you’ll need to go through the Wellness Center, and eventually open a doorway to the Overlap in order to chase after Tor.

Once inside the Overlap, you’ll need the bolt cutters, and they can be found easily enough. Follow the loop around a few times, but keep an eye out for a hole you can crouch and crawl through to the lower left. Eventually, when you go inside, you’ll discover some light switches that change the environment – similar to Alan’s Angel Lamp – and this will be where you can unlock the bolt cutters.

You’ll need to flick the lights on and off a few times in order to navigate and find the Tool Cabinet Key – as I’ll explain below.

Tool Cabinet Key location – AW2

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We’ll start this guide from the point where you find the Tool Cabinet – there should be a light switch on the opposite side of the room, which then opens up a door, so flip the switch and head through the door. You can loot the drawers in here, which is always nice.

alan wake 2 boltcutters glhf (1)

 Flip the switch in the rear corner of this room too, and root through some more drawers in order to find the Tool Cabinet Key in a drawer. Then simply go back into the last room and switch off the light to have the Tool Cabinet itself reappear.