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Alan Wake 2 crossbow code: how to unlock Saga's crossbow

Here's how to unlock Saga's crossbow in Alan Wake 2

In case you hadn't heard, Alan Wake 2 is much more of a survival horror game than its predecessor, with plenty of tropes and quirks taken from its new genre. One of those tropes is starting off with very little in terms of weaponry, leaving you vulnerable and forcing you to run rather than fight, but slowly building up an arsenal.

As Saga Anderson – Alan Wake 2's primary protagonist – you'll start off with a pistol, but it doesn't take long for you to starting fighting back with more firepower. Unlocking Saga's shotgun happens fairly early on in the game, but there might be an even better weapon not long after that.

That weapon is the crossbow, which lets you deal precise blows to the game's fearsome enemies and comes with a unique perk unlike any other weapon in the game. 

Here's how to get the crossbow in Alan Wake 2 and how to make the most of it.

Crossbow code - AW2

A map of Watery in Alan Wake 2

The crossbow can be found in the north-east of Watery

The crossbow in Alan Wake 2 is available in the third location in Saga Anderson's side of the story, after you've visited both Cauldron Lake and Bright Falls twice each. After revisiting Bright Falls and playing through Alan's introductory sequence, you'll next be headed to the town of Watery.

You can find the crossbow in Watery, specifically near the second break room. Just by the break room is a crate, right next to the shooting range. You'll need a code to unlock the crate, but thankfully the combination is easy to find. The code to unlock the crossbow is given by the signs with the numbers hit by arrows.

The crossbow code to unlock the crate is 527.

Should you use the crossbow? - AW2

Saga wielding a crossbow in Alan Wake 2.

The crossbow is one of the most useful weapons in the game

Once you have completed the puzzle and picked up the crossbow, make sure you head over to the signs and pick up the arrows that are lodged in them. That way, you'll have plenty of arrows to start off with and can start using your new toy right away.

The crossbow is one of the most useful weapons in Alan Wake 2, with a unique perk that allows you to reclaim one of your arrows from every downed enemy you hit. Since the crossbow is powerful enough to take down most enemies in a single shot with a well-placed headshot – and can be upgraded to do even more damage – if you play your cards right you'll always break even on any random encounter. This lets you save your precious gun ammo for boss fights, which can mean the difference between life and death on higher difficulties.

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