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Alan Wake 2 Gift Shop safe code: How to unlock Coffee World’s Gift Shop safe

How to get inside Coffee World's Gift Shop safe in Alan Wake 2
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Alan Wake 2 is filled with plenty of puzzles, and one of the most troubling ones for players can be the Gift Shop safe code in Coffee World. You’ve been given instructions from Ilmo to get your trailer key from the safe, but it’s locked and nobody is nearby to help, so you have to decode it yourself.

Luckily there’s a clue nearby, and if you think a bit, you can figure out the code by yourself. If you need a bit of help, just read through our instructions below for everything you need to get inside of the Gift Shop Safe in Alan Wake 2.

Coffee World Gift Shop safe code – AW2

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If you aren’t interested in figuring this one out for yourself, then just unlock the Gift Shop safe with the code 146.

How to find the Gift Shop safe code – AW2

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If you’re interested in how this puzzle actually works, here’s what you need to know.

There’s a hint regarding the code from Ilmo to Jaakko on top of the safe, the hint reads: “Tracker, Lookout, Cleaner.”

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This is a bit cryptic, but if you investigate the Gift Shop you’ll find the staff board. The titles here aren’t exactly the same, but Tracker is the Lost and Found, Lookout is Security, and Cleaner is the Janitor.

 The pics of the staff are in the same pattern as the number pad on the safe, which means the answer is Lost and Found, Security, and Janitor, or: 146.