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Alan Wake 2: Hotel door code, Double-Barrel Shotgun location

Get inside the Oceanview Hotel to meet with Tom Zane and grab a nice shotgun along the way in Alan Wake 2.
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Alan Wake 2 has so many combination locks, passwords, codes, and keys it’s almost tough to keep up with, especially when most of the keys don’t actually filter down into the “used” section of your key item inventory even after being used your everything you can access in the game. Oh well. At least getting the door code to enter the Oceanview Hotel through the Skybridge as Alan doesn’t require a key.

It does require a code though, and there are hints everywhere if you look hard enough. If you’re sick of testing codes, then just read through our guide below for everything you need to get into the Oceanview Hotel in Alan Wake 2. This just happens to be the same place that you find Alan's double-barrel shotgun, arguably his best weapon, so make sure not to miss it.

Oceanview Hotel Skybridge door code – AW2

alan wake 2 oceanview hotel door code glhf (1)

The door code for the Oceanview Hotel Skybridge entrance is 2550

If you want to figure out how you were supposed to intuit this, read on for our explanation.

How to get the Oceanview Hotel Skybridge door code – AW2

alan wake 2 oceanview hotel door code glhf (2)

This one’s easy if you know how. Head to the rooftop bar just over the skybridge, and use your Angel Lamp to light it up. You’ll see a list of prices on the chalkboard, and wouldn’t you know it, the Oceanview Cocktail is $25.50. A bit pricey if you ask me, but the ads surrounding the door into the hotel are the clue: 2250 is the door code for the Oceanview Hotel Skybridge entrance.

Double-barrel shotgun location – AW2

alan wake 2 double barrel shotgun location

Once in the bar looking at the drinks menu, turn the light off again. You'll be able to find Alan's double-barrel shotgun on the right wall. This is the only shotgun Alan gets access to across his story, so make sure to pick it up. If you missed it, you can return to the hotel roof.