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Apex Legends Season 16, Revelry, lands on February 14, 2023, celebrating four years of the Apex games. Where previous seasons have given us new maps and fresh Legends, this update marks a fundamental change to the core experience.

As new Legends have dropped into the game, the old class system has lost its identity. To fix that, Season 16 introduced five new classes, each with its own Passive-style Perk. Here are the classes and what they all do.

Apex Legends Revelry Class Perks



Combat utility and initiation

Ash, Fuse, Maggie, Revenant

Open the hidden shelf of the new weapon supply bins. These are loaded with smart loot attachments. Assault Legends can also carry an extra stack of ammo per inventory slot.


Combat mobility and escape

Pathfinder, Valkrie, Mirage, Wraith

Can spot incoming care packages at a distance and see the highest value item inside. 


Enemy intel and tracking

Bloodhound, Seer, Crypto, Vantage

Can use modified survey beacons to scan enemy locations on a map briefly.


Area setup and controlling territory

Caustic, Wattson, Catalyst

Can access ring consoles to find the next ring location.


Team survival and supply

Lifeline, Gibraltar, Newcastle, Loba

All have access to the hidden shelf on medical bins. These contain high-value healing and survival items. Can also craft fallen survival banners - even expired ones.

Respawn says these Legends may shift between classes as they evolve – Perks might change, new classes might emerge – but this is how it’ll look for the next season.

Apex Legends Season 16 buffs and nerfs


Seer and Bloodhound are being impacted the most in Season 16, in an attempt to tackle the scan meta and reduce the frequency of scans.

  • Seer can no longer spam the heartbeat sensor, which now only shows enemies in time to the beat, which enemies can also hear, and his Ultimate will take longer to charge.
  • Bloodhound’s scan will be less powerful, with a bigger focus on the tracking fantasy. Bloodhound players will find white ravens around the map, which can be interacted with. Ravens will fly toward the closest enemy team. A raven also appears when triggering Bloodhound’s Ult.
  • Wraith’s Portal distance has been doubled, increasing her effectiveness at making rotations, flanking, or getting her team out of danger.
  • Pathfinder’s zipline range, as well as the speed you move at when you cross it, has also been increased significantly.
    • Both Wraith and Pathfinder should now be better alternatives to Valkyrie for teams who need to move across the map at speed.
  • Horizon has been nerfed and buffed. Her uplift speed has been increased, but her accuracy when sitting at the top of her Q gravity lift has been greatly reduced. Respawn doesn’t want players perching up there and raining down death.
  • Mirage has been buffed. After reviving, he and his allies remain cloaked but unarmed for three seconds. Shooting will instantly remove the invisibility. Additionally, when a clone is shot, the bamboozled enemy will be tracked for a few seconds.
  • Lifeline has had a slight buff, too. Respawn has reduced the slow penalty when activating revive and increased the speed of her package. Nope, her shield hasn’t come back. Sorry, folks.

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