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Season 16 is coming to Apex Legends and it’s all about celebrating four years of the Apex Games – hence the name, Revelry. The changes this season are focused on the health of the game, rather than launching new maps and legends, and the changes will shake Apex Legends up at its very core.

Every single Legend is being touched by a new class system in Season 16. The old classes are being completely stripped out and replaced by five new classes for each of the characters to inhabit. Class roles have become muddy over the last four years, as new Legends have launched and shifted up the meta, landing somewhere between the old roles and making other roles obsolete. The new roles aim to fix things up.

Apex Legends Season 16 Bangalore
Apex Legends Season 16 Lifeline with the Nemesis
Apex Legends Season 16 Fuse TDM
Apex Legends Season 16 Mad Maggie 1v4
apex-legends-season-16-TDM Mad Maggie

Apex Legends Season 16 lands on February 14, 2023. 

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