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Armored Core 6: Escort the Weaponized Mining Ship build and strategy

One of the toughest missions in the whole game, this is the build you need to beat Escort the Weaponized Mining Ship in AC6

If you’re one of the brave pilots that’s willing to take on several New Game+ attempts in Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon, then you will inevitably crash into the Escort the Weaponized Mining Ship mission. You’ll remember this ship from an earlier playthrough where you attacked it, but this time the Rubicon Liberation Front is asking for your help.

Only, if you’ve already tried to play the mission, you’ll know it’s not that easy. In this guide we’re breaking down the weapons and strategy you need to adapt in order to conquer the Escort the Weaponized Mining Ship mission.

Escort the Weaponized Mining Ship best build – AC6

armored core 6 escort mining ship glhf (7)

The most important thing for this build is the weaponry at your disposal, but you should aim to make your AC relatively light with a generator that recharges quickly. Another thing to take note of is the FCS, which has been adapted for the best performance for long-range missile fire. The FCS choice is totally justified by our weapon options, of course.

  • Right arm: WS-5000 APERITIF
  • Left arm: HML-G2/P19MLT-04
  • Right shoulder: VE-60SNA
  • Left shoulder: Vvc-70VPM

As long as you have the parts available, the following body parts are ideal for this mission.

  • Core: VP-40S
  • Legs: 06-042 MIND BETA

Finally, you’ll need these inner parts for this specific build.

  • Booster: BC-0200 GRIDWALKER
  • FCS: VS-21B
  • Generator: VP-20C

You can choose any Expansion you feel most comfortable with, though Terminal Armor is ideal to save you when you need it most.

Escort the Weaponized Mining Ship best strategy – AC6

armored core 6 escort mining ship glhf (6)

Now that the build is in place – or roughly equivalent parts – it’s time to take on the fight. This battle starts off against two C-Weapons, and they’re tough by themselves, but they’re not the only fight you’ll contend with here, and there are no checkpoints.

Our bipedal build will have ground dashes that cover a good distance, making them ideal for evading missiles, but the enemies will be incredibly fast. Use hard-lock targeting and only fire the VE-60SNA that you used to destroy the Ice Worm when either close-range, or the enemy is staggered.

armored core 6 escort mining ship glhf (5)

Your other missiles are chosen for the chase. The right hand holds 13 missiles per clip, which all fire at once, and the left has four at a time which reload faster, so you’re not out of ammo too often. This combo of missiles, along with the long-range FCS, should allow you to stagger the C-Weapons, letting you rip with the rifle cannon and Assault Boost kicks.

armored core 6 escort mining ship glhf (1)

After the two C-Weapons you’ll be targeting by several autonomous grinder wheels. They will often slow down to spit fire at you – this is a chance to use the rifle cannon to stagger them, and the other missiles will finish the job, allowing you take down each with a single burst from each of your weapons. This is where having a light-ish build with a good energy regen timer will help, as the grinder wheels are most threatening while you’re on the ground. Keep dodging and hovering to take them down.

armored core 6 escort mining ship glhf (2)

The final encounter is two more C-Weapons, and more grinder wheels. Take the wheels down first, and then repeat the strategy for the first C-Weapons to finish the job. It’s a big fight, but this missile-focused build does a great job of taking out each enemy before they whittle your health down too low.