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Assassin's Creed Mirage Cartographer: how to reveal collectable locations

Visit this NPC to reveal the locations of gear chests, enigmas, and lost books

Assassin’s Creed Mirage may be smaller than Valhalla, but it’s still pretty massive. There are so many items hidden away in its recreation of 9th-century Baghdad that you could be wandering aimlessly for hours. That’s where the cartographer comes in.

Cartograper location – AC Mirage

AC Mirage Cartographer location

He’s located in the Fief of Rayasanah, just to the southeast of the Round City which is at the very center of Baghdad. With the cartographer, simply hand him a scholar token and he’ll reveal the location of gear chests, enigmas, and lost books, depending on what option you pick.

But how do the maps actually work? You might have gone into your inventory expecting to find a shiny new map waiting for you, but that’s not how the cartographer does things. Instead of handing you a physical map, he’ll simply mark the gear chest, enigma, or lost book on your game map directly.

AC Mirage Lost Book location

To see them, you have to zoom in. These icons don’t show up on the default view, making it a bit of a pain to see exactly where the icon is. Sometimes the collectible is in an area you haven’t discovered yet, so you might even have to visit that area (represented by a white patch on the map) in order for the yellow collectible icon to actually appear on the map.

Thankfully, each of the three map types the cartographer sells is categorized by region. So if you buy the map to a gear chest in the Round City, for instance, just zoom your map into the Round City and look for the yellow chest icon. Lost books, meanwhile, and indicated by a yellow book icon, while enigmas are indicated by a yellow scroll icon.

How to get Scholar Tokens – AC Mirage

AC Mirage Cartographer

In terms of scholar tokens, which the cartographer takes as payment, you can get these by completing contracts. These can be found at every assassin’s hideout in the game, hanging on the wall by the door. Each contract tells you exactly how many tokens it rewards, and you can earn extra tokens by completing the contract’s bonus objective, which is usually ‘do it quietly, without murdering everyone in sight’.

Alternatively, you can find an easy source of scholar tokens in the pockets of citizens. Pickpocketing people by holding Y, then pressing Y again when the on-screen target is in the right place, gives you a random trinket. Sometimes it’s jewelry you can sell to vendors, and other times it's tokens. They’ll not only carry scholar tokens, but vendor and power tokens too.

So that’s how to use Assassin’s Creed's cartographer in order to reveal the locations of gear chests, enigmas, and lost books. Gear chests will be what most players want, though, as they contain the game’s assortment of weapons and armor.