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Baldur’s Gate 3: Counting House Vault puzzle solution in BG3

How to get a Vault Pass and solve the Counting House Vault puzzle in BG3
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If you’re working your way through the quests you can find in Baldur’s Gate – that’s the city, not the game – in BG3, then you will inevitably find yourself inside The Counting House. As the name implies, this is a bank, and there’s a rather complex puzzle in order to open up the vault.

It seems simple enough: nine buttons have to be pressed in a set order, and then the Vault Door will open up. You can find the puzzle solution with some investigation, or you can brute-force the method with some trial and error, or you can read through our guide below and get the full puzzle solution. Easy.

How to get a Vault Pass – BG3

If you want to actually get inside the Counting House Vault, without sneaking, you’ll need a Vault Pass. If you speak with the Head Clerk at the front desk – to the left of the stairs descending to the vault – you can convince him to give you a Vault Pass. Nice and easy.

Counting House Vault puzzle solution – BG3

baldurs gate 3 bg3 counting house puzzle (1)

Once down the two flights of stairs leading towards the Vault, you will find a series of nine buttons on the floor. The marks are unique, but if you look closely, you can easily decipher them. In the top left is 1, with 2 in the top middle, and 3 in the top right, and so on, like a phone.

Of course you can have four party members, and it’s easiest to have each party member stand on a separate button. Above the vault door are four lights, and these will light up red when you stand on the wrong button, and blue when you stand on the correct button. You need to light all four lights from left to right in order to open the vault door.

baldurs gate 3 bg3 counting house puzzle (2)

You should have party members stand on the buttons in this order:

  • 1
  • 3
  • 5
  • 6

Once the buttons are pressed in this order, the Vault Door will open, allowing you to descend deeper into the Counting House, where you’ll find the Stone Lord.