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Best Black Friday gaming OLED TV and monitor deals in 2023

Find the best screens for your gaming setup at cheap prices
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Even the most modern video games won’t look their best on an outdated monitor or TV, no matter how good your hardware is, so the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals coming up worldwide may be your chance at upgrading your setup to help your gaming experience shine much more brightly. That effort is certainly going to be more affordable at this opportunity than any other time.

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No matter if you’re looking for a new screen for your PS5 or Xbox Series X|S setup or your PC-powered battlestation, we’ve reduced the amount of strong offers down to just a handful – much more manageable than the onslaught of potential deals Amazon may throw at you otherwise. We’ve dug through all of them to sieve out the best Black Friday gaming TV and monitor deals in 2023.

Best gaming OLED TV Black Friday Deals

Available in sizes between 55 and 77 inches, and with optional upgrades like soundbars, these OLED TVs deliver a strong package for any console gaming setup – plus, naturally, fulfilling their duties regarding streaming shows and movies perfectly. Enjoying new Netflix offerings will be as spectacular as playing the upcoming games releasing in 2024.

LG OLED Smart-TV in front of a white background.

OLED TVs are among the best when it comes to serving the needs of gamers.

Best gaming monitor Black Friday Deals

Gaming monitors with curved and ultrawide screens are all the rage these days, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your favorite gaming world without having to set up several screens. In addition to being perfect for gaming or race sim setups, they are quite handy for video editing and other work tasks as well – these bad boys can fit so many Excel tables, you wouldn’t believe it.

We’ve got the best Black Friday 2023 video game deals to go right with your new screen as well.