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Best indie games of 2023: games you missed out on this year

Not everything in 2023 had to be a huge 3D open world

Throughout the year, games have been released, and every time, people say what an amazing year 2023 is in terms of video games. Without too much thought, pretty much any gamer can list off ten games that could easily fight for Game of the Year, making this year’s decisions the most difficult since 1998. This means that more amazing games than usual are going to be looked over when it comes to end-of-the-year lists, and that just doesn’t seem right to us.

In honor of how incredible this year has been, we’ve rounded up all of the games we loved this year that likely won’t make it onto people’s Game of the Year lists due to just how stacked 2023 has been. They are all still likely someone’s favorite, but with Tears of the Kingdom battling Baldur’s Gate 3 for attention, it’s been easy to overlook some of these hidden gems. Here’s the games we’ve played this year that you should definitely check out.