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Best MMOs to play in 2024

Come for the epic adventures and stay for the friendships you build

Long before people obsessed over creating the metaverse, the best MMO games already provided a virtual space for strangers from all over the world to embark on epic adventures and quests, complete intense raid dungeons, immerse themselves in deep lore, and nurture life-long friendships. Getting hundreds, even thousands of players into the same shared world has been one of gaming’s greatest challenges and biggest achievements.

MMOs have produced some of the most unbelievable and gripping stories to come out of video games, reaching millions of people across the globe and impacting them on a deep level. People have made life-altering encounters inside of these games, earn their daily wages by playing them, or simply see them as a welcome escape from the usual stress of everyday life. MMOs are a second home to many players with a family they got to choose for themselves.

Here are some of the best MMOs you can play in 2024 to find your own.

You play on PC, but don’t like MMOs? No problem, we have also listed some of the best PC games to play right now.