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The best games with X in the title

With Twitter suddenly rebranding to X, we've picked out the best games that use X in their titles

In case you didn’t know, Scrooge McDuck’s richer, eviler cousin, Elon Musk, has decided Twitter is no more, rebranding it to the revolutionary: X. Yup, just the letter X. Imaginative, I know. Aside from being the most un-Googleable name in history, using X in a brand name or title is one of media’s most overused ideas.

Aside from 52-year-old men trying to justify a 44 billion dollar mid-life crisis, X is used by anyone trying to sound cool or sleek – and it can sound both retro and modern depending on how it's used.

Is it really any surprise then that video games will jam an X in there at any opportunity? Often more than once if they can get away with it. So, as the internet stands on the precipice of implosion, we thought we’d reminisce on the best games with X in the title.