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COD MW3 Season 1 start times

Find out when Season 1 goes live in your time zone
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Season 1 for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is starting this week on all platforms, bringing a significant wave of brand-new content to MW3 and Warzone. Players can expect additional multiplayer maps, returning game modes, and new weapons alongside a fresh story arc in Zombies as well as the arrival of Urzikstan in the battle royale spin-off.

Ranked Play will get introduced during the mid-season update for Season 1, giving competitive players their own place to shine. At the same time Activision is looking to wind down the PvPvE DMZ mode, which will no longer provide cross-progression with the other modes in MW3. DMZ will remain available to play, but it looks like the mode overall will go back to the drawing board and is headed towards significant changes in the future.

Here’s everything you need to know about the COD MW3 Season 1 start times and what you can expect from this update.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Santa skin.

You don't want to be on this guy's naughty list.

COD MW3 Season 1: start times

Activision has announced that COD MW3 Season 1 will start on December 6, 2023, at 9am PT on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Here’s what that means for your time zone:

  • December 6, 9am PT
  • December 6, 11am CT
  • December 6, 12pm ET
  • December 6, 5pm GMT
  • December 6, 6pm CET
  • December 6, 10:30pm IST
  • December 7, 1am CST
  • December 7, 2am KST/JST
  • December 7, 4am AEDT
  • December 7, 6am NZDT

COD MW3 Season 1: content

Players can expect four multiplayer maps along with some reskins for the holiday season. Meat, Greece, Rio, and Training Facility join the line-up for 6v6 and 2v2. Gunfight and All or Nothing are the game modes that will become available, bringing rapidly paced gameplay your way.

Even more modes await during the mid-season update, which will introduce Vortex, CODMAS: Santa’s Slayground, Infected, Headquarters, and Team Gunfight.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 content roadmap.

The content roadmap for COD MW3 and Warzone Season 1.

The Assassin Vest is a brand-new Perk that prevents skulls from being displayed after kills and two additional Killstreaks await: Swarm, available at 15 kills or 1,875 points, blankets an entire area in kamikaze drones, while the classic EMP, available at 13 kills or 1,625 points, fires off an EMP to disrupt enemy Killstreaks and equipment.

In terms of new weapons, players can expect the XRK Stalker, a sniper rifle with lots of one-hit kill potential, the compact RAM-7 assault rifle, Stormender EMP Launcher, the HRM-9 SMG, and TAQ Evolvers LMG. Both the HRM-9 and TAQ Evolvers will be in-season launches, the first three are Battle Pass unlocks. New operators, challenges, and more round out the Battle Pass content.

Zombies fans can throw themselves into a new story arc, enjoy the V-R11 Wonder Weapon, and more.

Urzikstan is the next big Warzone map and will be available alongside Ashika Island and Vondel, though the latter two will only show up two days after the season launched. It’ll launch with Battle Royale, Resurgence, and Plunder being available, while Lockdown and Slay Ride Resurgence are scheduled for in-season appearances.

It’s a big update for Warzone, as Season 1 will bring all the new movement mechanics from MW3, such as Tactical Stance, over to the battle royale title. Urzikstan comes with a drivable train, horizontal ziplines, and the new Coyote vehicle.