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COD MW3: Best WSP Swarm Akimbo build for Warzone and multiplayer

How to build your WSP Swarm loadout for Akimbo shooting in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III
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If you need a weapon to get enemies away from you as quickly as possible in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, the WSP Swarm is what you need. When you have this weapon in your hands with our build, no enemy will want to come anywhere near you, as you’re likely to take out pretty much everyone.

The WSP Swarm is one of the SMGs that you can equip with a Conversion Kit mod, and in this case that gives you access to the Akimbo Stock. That’s right, two WSP Swarms at once. One is fierce against any enemy, but with two you could potentially wipe out loads of foes without any stress. Just read through our attachment breakdown below for everything you need to know.

Best WSP Swarm Akimbo loadout – MW3 & Warzone

cod mw3 wsp swarm (1)

This is a raw Akimbo build, designed for the best possible hipfire shooting with the minimal required amount of reloading.

  • Laser: Hipshot L20
  • Barrel: WESP Ruthless-L Barrel
  • Muzzle: S-37C Breacher Device S
  • Magazine: 100 Round Mag
  • Conversion Kit: WSP Akimbo Brace Stock

First off, the Hipshot L20 does exactly what it says on the tin. It makes your hipfire spread shockingly tight, making this build, well, not good at a long-range, but it’ll hit more shots than you might expect as long as you keep shooting.

Of course, this build is meant for close encounters first, and frankly, it feels like you’re carrying a turret from Halo, just without the spin-up time. As soon as an enemy comes into your sights you can start shooting and you don’t have to stop until they’re down. It’s the polar opposite approach to precise sniper shots. Your accuracy stat will drop heavily, but so will the bodies of your enemies.

This WSP Swarm build is just silly, but that’s exactly what makes it so much fun.