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COD MW3 inactivity bug kicks players using killstreaks

Don't get into the chopper
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 players are reporting an incredibly frustrating bug that kicks them out of the game for inactivity while using killstreaks like the helicopter gun or the cruise missile.

The subreddit dedicated to the game has been filling up with users complaining about the issue and posting clips containing the moment of their surprising and unnatural demise, which seems to always come right at the end of the killstreak. In the linked clip we even see the affected user move after using the chopper gun, just to be kicked right afterwards – clearly, there was nothing here that could be deemed as inactivity.

Better keep moving, otherwise you might get kicked.

Better keep moving, otherwise you might get kicked.

Is the game counting the player as inactive while their character sits around using the helicopter gun controls remotely? Even then, this wouldn’t explain the above clip in which the user is seen moving around before being kicked. Something strange is going on here, clearly.

Reports have been coming in from players saying they’ve not only been kicked for using killstreaks, but also for playing as snipers – which, naturally, involves waiting in a stationary position for a while, if you’re not jumping around quickscoping people like a streamer on a caffeine overload.

It might be the case that these kicks come from a measure that’s supposed to protect people from campers, but if so it’s either buggy or simply timed way too short. Opinions on camping aside, punishing players for using killstreaks should definitely not be a thing – after all, they are supposed to be rewards for playing well.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is getting ripped to shreds by reviews from both critics and users, especially due to its disastrous campaign. Players generally see the multiplayer in a more positive light, but frustrating bugs like this aren’t exactly doing much in the game’s favor.