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Company of Heroes 3: best tanks for all factions

Heavy armor, heavier firepower
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Tanks are some of the most iconic vehicles of war ever used in human conflicts, and naturally Company of Heroes 3 is full of them as a real-time strategy game set in World War II. Unlike its predecessor, which was set in the later years of the war, this title takes place a bit earlier, which means you won’t see steel monsters like the Tiger II or IS-2 take the field.

Worry not, though, Company of Heroes 3 has plenty of awesome tanks in store. Positioning your vehicles correctly in combat is more important than ever, as hits to the rear and sides cause a lot more damage. Check out our Company of Heroes 3 beginner tips to learn more about how you extract your tanks from dangerous situations without exposing their weak points.

Here are all the best tanks in Company of Heroes 3 for each faction.

Company of Heroes 3 Panther group.

A group of Wehrmacht Panther tanks on the move.

Best US tanks – Company of Heroes 3

What vehicle could be the US Forces’ finest other than the M4A1 Sherman? Here are the stats this beast brings to the table:

  • 720 HP
  • 234 Front Armor
  • 132 Side Armor
  • 96 Rear Armor

In addition to its main gun, the Sherman can be upgraded with a Heavy Machine Gun turret to fend off infantry. Once it earns enough experience to reach Veterancy 1, you can choose to add High Explosive Ammunition or Phosphorous Rounds to its arsenal – the first option is great to clear infantry or weapon crews, the second helps against vehicles.

Company of Heroes 3 Sherman Easy Eight.

The speedy Easy Eight comes in with a complement of infantry.

If you want a bit more speed at the cost of armor, you can opt for the Armored Battle Group and bring out the M4A3E8, better known as the Easy Eight:

  • 840 HP
  • 198 Front Armor
  • 110 Side Armor
  • 80 Rear Armor

It comes with a complement of Riflemen riding on its back, can be enhanced with a Heavy MG, and you may choose Armor Piercing Rounds or the Flanking Speed ability at Veterancy 1.

Best British tanks – Company of Heroes 3

Here’s where Relic’s own guidelines for only including commonly used tanks in the given time period fall apart a bit, right? One of the British Forces’ most powerful tanks, found in the Armored Battle Group, is the Churchill Black Prince – yes, the name doesn’t get much more badass, but this vehicle never actually saw combat and only six prototypes were ever built. Be that as it may, here are the Black Prince’s stats:

  • 1,200 HP
  • 300 Front Armor
  • 225 Side Armor
  • 150 Rear Armor
Company of Heroes 3 Churchill Black Prince.

This Black Prince is a bit charred, but survived the ordeal thanks to its mighty armor.

Monstrous, isn’t it? While the Black Prince is a tough bastard, its speed and firepower are not on par with other tanks in a similar tier, balancing the odds a bit. Veterancy 1 unlocks an ability to put down a smokescreen or slowly repair damage by itself.

The British Forces’ regular option for a heavier tank, the Matilda, is a force to be reckoned with as well.

Best Wehrmacht tanks – Company of Heroes 3

Thankfully the game doesn’t simulate the terrible reliability of some of the German tanks, making it a great experience to field these iconic vehicles. While the Tiger II is not available (for now), as the Wehrmacht you can call upon its predecessor, the Tiger I, in the Breakthrough Battle Group. It has the following stats:

  • 1,200 HP
  • 300 Front Armor
  • 210 Side Armor
  • 80 Rear Armor
Company of Heroes 3 Tiger tank.

The Wehrmacht's apex predator, a Tiger I.

You may equip your Tiger with a MG34 turret to more effectively fight against infantry. Upon getting to Veterancy 1, the Tiger gains the Timed Fuse Shot ability, enabling some ruseful plays. It may not have the armor of the Black Prince, but the Tiger is a good deal quicker than the lumbering British beast.

The Wehrmacht can also call upon the Panther via the Mechanized Battle Group, which comes in at:

  • 900 HP
  • 330 Front Armor
  • 105 Side Armor
  • 80 Rear Armor
Company of Heroes 3 Panther.

Panthers are among the deadliest tanks in a frontal assault.

Just like the Black Prince, the Panther has no additional upgrades at its disposal. However, it gains an ability to Veterancy 1 to temporarily boost its damage output. Thanks to its massive Front Armor rating, the Panther is a fearsome opponent when taken head-on.

Best Afrikakorps tanks – Company of Heroes 3

It’s a bit ironic that the Afrikakorps, which was so famous for its mechanized units, has the lightest tank line up of all the factions. The heaviest tank it can produce is the Panzer III, which doesn’t stand a sliver of a chance against powerhouses like the Matilda or Sherman. Luckily, researching a tech at the HQ after building the tank production building enables additional call-in reinforcements for the Afrikakorps, among which is the Tiger. The Afrikakorps’ Tiger has the same stats as the Wehrmacht’s:

  • 1,200 HP
  • 300 Front Armor
  • 210 Side Armor
  • 80 Rear Armor
Company of Heroes 3 Tiger.

The DAK's Tiger is the same as the Wehrmachts in terms of stats, but comes with a different ability.

It can be upgraded with a MG34 turret as well. However, instead of the Timed Fuse Shot ability, at Veterancy 1 the Afrikakorps’ Tiger gains the ability to launch a cluster of S-Mines around it, which are dangerous anti-infantry mines.

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