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Everything in the world is about money – that certainly holds true for Crusader Kings 3, which has recently received a new expansion with Tours & Tournaments. Ruling a medieval realm, no matter how big or small, in peace or at war, requires copious amounts of gold: armies must be paid, buildings constructed, feasts and hunts financed, and then there are the bribes for agents in your murder schemes that need to be considered. It’s a tough life for counts, dukes, kings, and emperors, no matter how easy the peasants think you have it.

While random events can always fill or drain your coffers at a whim, there are a few reliable ways to increase your gold income on a consistent basis, giving you more resources to work with in the political, military, and social arena.

Here are a few tips on how to make more money in Crusader Kings 3 – including some new tricks from Tours & Tournaments.

Crusader Kings 3 tips: How to make money

Crusader Kings 3 Wealth Focus.
Crusader Kings 3 Mining Settlement.
Crusader Kings 3 Development.
Crusader Kings 3 Raid.
Crusader Kings 3 Grand Tour.
Crusader Kings 3 Pope.

What you do with your money is completely up to you – do you make life for your people better, wage war on your neighbors, or indulge in your vices?