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Paradox Interactive has revealed the release date for Tours & Tournaments, the next DLC for Crusader Kings 3. The Expansion Pack containing lots of new content and mechanics around travel and chivalrous competitions releases on May 11, 2023.

Alongside this announcement came a detailed roadmap for the plans regarding Crusader Kings 3 for the rest of 2023. Chapter 2 of the Expansion Pass contains Tours & Tournaments as well as Wards & Wardens, an Event Pack releasing in Q3 of 2023, and Legacy of Persia, a Flavor Pack coming in Q4 of 2023.

Those who purchase Chapter 2 of the Expansion Pass, which will enable access to all these DLC packs without further investments being needed, will immediately gain access to the Elegance of the Empire Fashion Pack, which adds more historically authentic regalia to the game to kit out your rulers with.

Wards & Wardens is the winner of the recent fan vote Paradox conducted, defeating Love & Lust as well as Villains & Vagabonds. This Event Pack will explore events revolving around childhood, being a guardian, children at court, and more.

This is what the Wards & Wardens description on Steam says:

“This pack introduces new character and realm events related to the theme of child-rearing and education in the medieval world. The likelihood of events appearing and their effects on your kingdom are connected to the personalities of the characters involved, and increase the role-playing pleasure of players. Will you discipline a lazy student? What if that lazy student is an otherwise coddled prince?”

This is what Steam says about Legacy of Persia’s content:

“This Crusader Kings III Flavor Pack lets you relive the dramatic struggle for survival and empire in the lands between the Euphrates and the Indus. With special attention to the culture and history of medieval Persia, this add-on to Paradox's award winning strategy role-playing game introduces new systems for Clan government rulers, and expands on the Islamic and Zoroastrian religions dominant in the region at the time.”

Chapter 2 of the Expansion Pass is now available for purchase, saving you 27% of the overall price of those DLCs, in case you’re confident that you’d buy them all anyways.

2023 Roadmap for Crusader Kings 3.

These are all Crusader Kings 3 DLC packs coming out in 2023.

In case you need something else to spice up your Crusader Kings 3 gameplay until May 11, you should check out this highly-anticipated Crusader Kings 3 Game of Thrones mod coming out in April.