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Crusader Kings 3 is a wide medieval sandbox in which players can role-play the type of ruler they wish to be. This sandbox is steadily growing, as Paradox Interactive is adding more and more mechanical systems and immersive flavor to the grand strategy RPG hybrid.

However, the developers are not the only people working on these areas: Crusader Kings 3 is home to a talented modding community with a long tradition of creating absolutely stunning and complex works that have the potential to completely change the game. One mod in particular has already won acclaim despite coming out only recently and spawned a variety of high-quality sub mods that add to it.

Here are some of the best Crusader Kings 3 mods on the Steam Workshop.

Best Crusader Kings 3 mods on the Steam Workshop

CK3 Community Flavor Pack mod.
CK3 Knight Manager mod.
CK3 Cultural Armies mod.
CK3 Succession Expanded mod.
CK3 Warcraft: Guardians of Azeroth Reforged mod.
CK3 Princes of Darkness mod.
CK3 AGOT Aerys Targaryen.
CK3 AGOT Armies of Westeros mod.
CK3 AGOT Special Buildings Expanded mod.
CK3 AGOT Valyrian Steel mod.

Please make sure to always read the instructions and notes on the Steam Workshop pages for these mods. They help you sort out the correct loading order and warn of any potential compatibility issues. If you’re looking for more great Steam Workshop content, check out our list of the best Total War: Warhammer 3 mods.