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Cyberpunk 2077 Happy Together: how to help Barry and get the good ending

Save your neighbor Barry from his own demons in CP2077's Happy Together side job
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Cyberpunk 2077 is full of big and small side quests that immerse you into the world of Night City and are so deep and well-written, that it feels they belong in the main story. One such small mission is the Happy Together side job, where you will have to help your neighbor Barry deal with his depression and save his life.

In this guide, we will walk you through the entire Happy Together side job in CP2077 and help you get the good ending. This guide has been tested on Cyberpunk 2077 Update 2.0.

Warning: the Happy Together side quest in Cyberpunk 2077 contains depictions of depression and, depending on how the quest plays out, self-harm. If you find these themes disturbing, you may not want to complete this quest, as it is optional content. Also, the following guide contains spoilers.

How to start Happy Together in Cyberpunk 2077

Megabuilding H10 location on Cyberpunk 2077's map
NCPD officers Petrova and Mendes, standing in front of Barry's apartment
The door of apartment 0613 in Night City's Megabuilding H10 in Cyberpunk 2077
Cyberpunk 2077's Skip Time screen

Talk with Barry in Cyberpunk 2077’s Happy Together side quest

Cyberpunk 2077 screenshot showing Barry as you first meet him in his apartment
Cyberpunk 2077 screenshot showing the option to sit next to Barry and talk
A screenshot in which an optional blue dialogue choice is highlighted
A screenshot from the Happy Together quest in Cyberpunk 2077 with the correct dialogue option "Everyone's got their limits" highlighted.
When you're done talking with Barry, he'll see you to the door, and you'll get two new objectives

Find Andrew’s niche before talking to the cops

The location of Andrew's Niche shown on Cyberpunk 2077's world map.
The Night City Columbarium location highlighted on Cyberpunk 2077's map screen
The entrance of the  Columbarium at night.
Johnny Silverhand appears next to the wall that houses Andrew's niche
By reading Andrew's epitaph, you realize Barry's best friend was not a person but a tortoise.
A screenshot from Cyberpunk 2077 showing the optional conversation with Johnny Silverhand after you discover Andrew's true identity.

Talk to the cops after visiting the Columbarium

Head back to Megabuilding H10 and talk with Mendez and Petrova. You can fast-travel to the H10 building and go down the stairs to level 6. You can still get the bad ending if you’re not careful about one dialogue choice in this convo with the cops.

During your second conversation with the cops, you must select I visited Andrew's grave to get the good ending.
The end of your convo with Petrova and Mendes.
If you get the good ending in Happy Together, Barry is alive and Petrova and Mendes visit him at his condo.

Happy Together bad ending

If you choose to speak with the cops without going to Andrew’s grave first, you will get an objective to visit Barry again later. Upon returning to his condo a few hours later, you will find Mendez sitting on the ground next to a puddle of blood with Barry’s apartment door wrapped in police tape.

Visiting Andrew’s niche but not telling Mendez and Petrova about it, will also trigger the bad ending. Not being empathic with Barry and not listening to his story through optional dialogue will also prevent you from getting the good ending and saving his life.