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Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 2.0 – how to get the secret game ending from Phantom Liberty

There's a new ending in Patch 2.0 - here's how to get it

As well as adding a host of game-changing new mechanics, a new skill system, and a story expansion in Phantom Liberty, patch 2.0 also adds another ending to the main game if you play through the expansion’s story. Here’s how to get it.

Spoilers, obviously. 

Cyberpunk 2.0 new ending

At the end of Phantom Liberty’s second act, you’ll be given the choice between using the Icebreaker and siding with Reed, or helping Songbird to escape from the facility. Siding with Songbird is the first step toward unlocking the new secret ending for Cyberpunk 2077.

Once you’ve done that mission and helped So Mi out, you’ll have to wait a few days for Songbird to contact you. Once she does, you have to break her into the spaceport in a mission called The Killing Moon.

At the end of this mission, Songbird confesses that the cure can only work for either you or her. Whilst on the train, you need to keep your cool and continue to help Songbird.

You’ll then carry her to the launch pad, where you’ll find Reed waiting for you. At some point, he’ll ask you to give Songbird up and take the cure for yourself. Agree to this deal and finish the mission.

This will trigger a mission called Through Pain to Heaven, where you have to wait for Reed to contact you.

While you can trigger this ending early in the main story, we recommend that you get close to the end of the main game and build up some relationships first. Otherwise the ending won’t land as well and will be much shorter.

Reed will eventually call you and offer up the cure. Once again, you’ll be on the roof of Vik’s clinic, where you have to tell Johnny Silverhand that you’re going through with the procedure, triggering Who Wants to Live Forever.

I won’t spoil what happens in the ending itself, but it’s worth seeing. It’s not the happiest of endings for V, but it gives you a chance to see how the rest of the world plays out over the next few years.