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Dead Island 2 isn’t a proper open-world game, but - as you might’ve seen in games like The Outer Worlds - you’ll be able to move from one area to another separated by loading screens.

Levels are quite linear, despite always offering some space to move around, and loot for equipment and new weapons.

Like in open-world games, though, you still have a fast travel feature, even though it’s not immediately obvious how to unlock and use it.

For everything you need to know about fast travel in Dead Island 2, keep reading our dedicated guide.

Dead Island 2: How to unlock fast travel

You won’t be able to use fast travel for a good chunk of the game, and looking at how self-contained the map looks and feels by then, you might even think it’s not a thing.

However, despite popping up a bit later in the game, Dead Island 2 features fast travel, and it’ll be necessary when you’re asked to do some backtracking from time to time.

DI2 map

Fast travel will become available once you reach Venice Beach, the sixth location (out of ten) spread across the entire game map.

Here, you’ll be able to access 3 story missions, 5 side missions, 2 Lost & Found quests, and 52 points of interest.

Fast travel unlocks right from the first mission here.

Dead Island 2: How to fast travel

Even when you unlock fast travel in Dead Island 2, you won’t be able to use it by just opening the map and pressing a button on your location of choice.

Differently from other open-world games, you can only use fast travel by moving to a safe house nearby (it’ll mostly be a hotel, or the starting point of a mission), and standing in front of an in-game map stuck to a wall or on a table.

Pressing a button on the in-game map will open the map in your menu, and from there you’ll be able to use fast travel to wherever you want to go.