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It took almost ten years for Dead Island 2’s development to be completed, but it definitely won’t take you that long to beat it.

And that might just be great news, if you’re tired of all the huge maps and checklists we’ve constantly pushed through in all those big open-world games.

So, how long does it take to beat Dead Island 2’s campaign?

Dead Island 2: How long to beat

In our playthrough, we’ve completed all the main quests, and the seven or eight side quests required to play the story missions at the recommended level, around 18 hours.

It should take around 5-10 hours more, for those of you who want to complete all the content available in Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2: Every location

Dead Island 2’s full map consists of 10 different locations, which you’ll be able to explore in this order:

  1. Beverly Hills
  2. Halperin Hotel
  3. Bel-Air
  4. Monarch Studios
  5. Hollywood Boulevard
  6. The Metro
  7. The Pier
  8. Venice Beach
  9. Ocean Avenue
  10. Brentwood Sewer

Dead Island 2: Full mission list

Dead Island 2’s campaign consists of 24 story missions, the final one requiring level 23 for you to complete it smoothly. You’ll get to that level by playing all the main missions, and stopping a couple times every now and then for a few side quests.

This is the full main mission list:

  • Flight of the damned
  • Desperately seeking Emma
  • Bel-Air brawl
  • Call the cavalry
  • Michael Anders and the Holy Grail
  • Justifiable zombicide
  • Flushed
  • Blood Drive
  • Beach offensive
  • The search for truth
  • The giant-slayer
  • Hollywood ending
  • Rage quit
  • The red mist
  • Boardwalking dead
  • The end of the line
  • The final gauntlet
  • O Michael, where art thou?
  • Kwon with the wind
  • Plumbing the depths
  • The heart of darkness
  • Saddle up for Santa Monica
  • Room service for Major Booker
  • The chosen one

Dead Island 2: Post-game guide

Once you clear all the story missions, you’ll be allowed to stay in Los Angeles to keep playing the side quests and Lost & Found missions you’ve left behind in your first run. This should add another 5-10 hours of gameplay, and that’s without taking into account the co-op mode.

Of course, you’ll be allowed to keep your skills and weapons but, should you want to restart from scratch, you can always choose another Slayer: you’ll have up to six save slots to handle for that purpose.