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Diablo 4 had a very stable launch on Tuesday, following an equally stable early access period for Deluxe and Ultimate Edition owners of the game, but last evening players had a hard time logging into the game and were getting a code 300202 error.

But what does this error code even mean, what causes it, and is there a way to fix it? Here’s a quick guide that could help you solve this error and get you back in the game.

What does code 300202 mean in Diablo 4?

The code 300202 error is one of many server errors you could get in Diablo 4 while attempting to log into your account and get to your characters. The code appears after your request to log in times out, and you are disconnected from the servers before even reaching the character menu. It can also appear after you select your character or create a new one, while queueing to get into Sanctuary.

The code 300202 error is usually accompanied by the message: “Your request has timed out. Please try again.”

This error is more often than not caused by server-side issues when Diablo 4’s servers are overwhelmed and cannot process your login request. It could also happen during planned maintenance periods when the servers are down.

How to fix the code 300202 error in Diablo 4?

Because the code 300202 error is related to server issues, there is no way to fix it on your PC or console, so your best solution is to check the current status of Diablo 4 servers and wait until any technical issues have been resolved.

If the problem is due to planned maintenance, Blizzard would usually show a message detailing the expected maintenance time in your client on PC and on the game’s login screen on consoles.

Some reports indicate that the error could also be due to client-side issues with your internet connectivity or due to outdated network and graphics card drivers on your PC.

Before you attempt to update your drivers or look into your internet connection, make sure you check Diablo 4’s current server status online, because server downtime is the most likely culprit. If there are no server issues, you can also try rebooting your PC or console, as this could sometimes help solve the problem.

If the Diablo 4 servers are working fine, the error might be due to an outdated version of the game, so make sure you always have the latest patch applied before you launch Diablo 4. 

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