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Act VI feels like it must be close to Diablo 4’s ending, right? Wrong. Act VI has the highest concentration of boss fights in the entire game, and some of them will prove among the most challenging you’ll have to face throughout the campaign.

Uznu, the Annihilator, is a particularly tough boss in Act VI, with a wide range of attacks to keep you on your toes throughout the entire fight. Unlike other bosses, he can also be quite difficult to read, so you might have to take on this boss a few times before you succeed.

Read our guides to Astaroth, Brol, Andariel, and Elias, and you’ll be more than prepared to take on the challenges ahead. That doesn’t change the fact that Act VI is particularly complex, so we’re here to help. In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to defeat Uznu in Diablo 4’s Act VI.

Make sure you check out our tips and tricks for Diablo 4, as they can help you get through tough boss fights like this one without too much trouble. If you’re thinking of trying again with a different class, you should also take a look at what we think is the best starting class in Diablo 4.

How to beat Uznu – Diablo 4 boss guide

Uznu has a pretty comprehensive offensive set of attacks, and you will have to be ready to defend and dodge his moves if you want to stay alive as long as possible.

Uznu has the following attacks at his disposal:

  • A sword strike, both horizontally and vertically
  • A fire-based attack, both on the ground and in the air, the latter being particularly tough to read
  • Jumping attacks with AOE shots — these are the hardest to dodge

The first two are relatively easy to dodge, as you just need to stay at range. Playing as a Necromancer, Sorcerer, or long-range Druid can make this much easier for you, but Barbarians, Rogues, and shapeshifting Druids will struggle.

As for the third attack, you’ll have to continuously move around the boss room. This will help with avoiding all those circles on the ground highlighting where the next strike is going to hit. Luckily enough, these attacks take a second to charge, so you should have enough time to plan ahead and avoid them.

Uznu has a three-segment health bar. He isn’t too hard to take down, but it’s one of the longest fights in the game, so you’ll need a lot of patience. As always, don’t forget to heal yourself as soon as you can, which should be easy with all the health potions the boss drops at the end of each segment.

Follow our advice above and you will surely succeed in defeating Uznu in Diablo 4’s Act VI.