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EA FC 24 Ultimate Team: how to change player positions

Find out what there is to know about this new Ultimate Team feature
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EA Sports FC 24 has introduced a brand-new way to change player positions in Ultimate Team. This system makes your life a lot easier than in previous iterations, as it doesn’t require you to pay much more than a little attention when you buy new players on the transfer market and eventually deploy them on the pitch. It might be easy to overlook at first, though, which is why we’re here to help.

Here’s everything you need to know about EA FC 24 player position changes in Ultimate Team.

EA FC 24: how do you change Player Position?

FIFA 23’s player position change system made it so that you needed items to change a card’s position among a selection of available roles. Further in the past, you didn’t even have to meet any requirements at all.

This year, the process is more natural and reflects the way it works in actual soccer.

Anytime you go on the transfer market, make sure to flick the right stick (R3 on PS4/PS5, RS on Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S) to the right first, just so you can see which positions that specific player can cover. It’s key that you do so, because having athletes with the ability to adapt to multiple positions allows you not to waste coins on new players anytime you want to change your tactics.

EA FC 24 transfer market alternative player positions.

You can easily check a player's alternate position in the transfer market and your club.

Each player can have up to four positions they can cover, although the most common will have just two of them, and in several cases it’s just one, depending on the player’s quality. Speaking of quality, just a reminder that you can always upgrade your cards using the new Evolution feature: for more on that, check our EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Evolutions guide.

Once you buy a player, you can go to your Squad and simply move them from your club to the position you want them to play in, and you’ll see the position on their card change automatically to the one you just made them cover – if it was among those they could cover in the first place, of course. Once again, you can flick the right stick to the right to see their available positions, if you want to make sure they’re fit for that role or need options to reassign them to.

EA FC 24 automatic player position change.

If you assign a player to a position they can cover, they'll automatically adapt to it. Spinazzola here could play as LB, LWB, or LM.

Pretty simple once you get the hang of it, right?

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