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EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode: best Tactical Visions you should use

Find out all you need to know about Tactical Visions in EA FC 24
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EA Sports FC 24 introduces a brand-new feature for Career Mode fans: Tactical Visions. They allow you to really shape the way your team is playing on the pitch, tuning your strategy right to your particular tastes and needs. Mastering Tactical Visions in EA FC 24 will be key in achieving good results with your team and climbing the ladder to become a legendary manager.

That said, they aren’t quite that easy to grasp in your first few hours with the game, which is why we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about EA Sports FC 24 Tactical Visions.

EA FC 24: all Tactical Visions

EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode offers seven different Tactical Visions for you to choose from. Whether you want to play the ball fast and keep it in your possession all the time, or are simply content with parking the bus and defending your precious 0-0, there’s something for everyone.

This is the full list of all Tactical Visions in EA Sports FC 24:

EA FC 24 Tactical Vision Tiki Taka.
EA FC 24 Tactical Vision Gegenpressing.
EA FC 24 Tactical Vision Park the Bus.
EA FC 24 Tactical Vision Counter Attack.
EA FC 24 Tactical Vision Kick and Rush.
EA FC 24 Tactical Vision Wing Play.
EA FC 24 Tactical Vision Standard.

Tiki Taka is for people looking for a possession-based style of play, with short passing and rotations, Gegenpressing is all about high press, and Park the Bus offers solid and uncompromising defending. Counter Attack is a low-risk, low block tactic, while Kick and Rush makes you bypass the midfield and go for attacks straight from the defense. Wing Play makes you use the full width of the pitch when in possession, meaning you’ll play a lot with your wingers, and Standard is just a balanced style of play, if you don’t feel like taking a decision now.

EA FC 24: which Tactical Vision is the best?

Of course, which Tactical Vision to choose really depends on your football preferences, but there’s a bunch that look more potent. Based on our time with the game, Gegenpressing and Wing Play feel like they are the best EA Sports FC 24 Tactical Visions.

It’s quite simple: Gegenpressing allows you to win back the ball in the opponent’s third as soon as possible, making it harder for them to build up solid offensive actions, and possibly score you an easy goal – this approach pays off especially well against human opponents, though outside of Career Mode you’ll have to execute it without the Tactical Vision.

Wing Play is simply the most natural choice for an EA Sports soccer game. With FC 24 being slower this year, there’s already a trend where players rely even more on their fast wingers than previously. Thus, it’s a no-brainer to pick a Tactical Vision supporting this particular style. Using it, you’ll get attacking players close to the touchlines quickly, right where there’s less traffic on the pitch. If you’re into Wing Play, make sure you check our EA FC 24 fastest players guide – you’ll need them.

EA FC 24: Coach Management

It’s also worth noting that Coach Management has a role in this process. Each department generates development efficiency based on how many stars it has, and this reduces the development plan’s estimated time.

EA FC 24 Coach Management screen.

Coach Management is an important element of the early phase in Career Mode.

It ultimately makes it so that your players improve faster and have better overall performance in the short term. It may not be worth keeping an eye on it in longer Career Mode runs, but it’s surely key to choose the right coaches at the beginning of your playthrough.

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