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Elden Ring: Chelona's Rise three wise beasts location

Where to find the three wise beasts for the Chelona's Rise puzzle to get the Ranni's Dark Moon spell in Elden Ring

Elden Ring forces you to work most things out for yourself, and that can make some of the puzzles especially tricky, yet all the more rewarding to solve. One of the vaguest instructions you’ll get during your adventure is when you’ll simply be told to “Seek three wise beasts”, with little indication of what that means.

There is one in Liurnia of the Lakes, but the far more challenging version is high up on the Moonlight Altar in the late game – in a place called Chelona’s Rise. The three beasts you need to seek are spread out across the large Moonlight Altar area, so we’ll tell you where to find them all and solve the puzzle.

First wise beast location in Elden Ring

Elden Wise Beast 1

The first is directly behind Chelona’s Rise. Head out of the building to the right and there are some regular old tortoises ambling about the place. If you peer over the cliff’s edge it will be hanging on there, so use a ranged attack to knock it down.

Second wise beast location in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Wise Beast 2

Head to the far east of Moonlight Altar for this one. There, head up a hill to your left as you approach, going around the right side of the cliff edge. Down the bottom will be a small hill if you look down, and the tortoise will be waiting there for you.

Third wise beast location in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Wise Beast 3

The final one is all the way north from Chelona’s Rise, by the evergaol. You’ll need to use Torrent on a nearby Spiritspring in the forest, which will send you straight up to the final tortoise you need to bop.

Ranni’s Dark Moon location in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Ranni's Dark Moon

Once you’ve given a tap to all three tortoises, you can head inside Chelona’s Rise and pick up the powerful Ranni’s Dark Moon spell – an alternative to Rennala’s Full Moon spell. It’s also necessary for getting every trophy in Elden Ring.