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The Finals Season 2: release date, new weapons, map, game mode, and more

Embark Studios is making sure that players will eat well
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Season 2 of The Finals will launch on March 14, 2024, with a new map, game mode, gadgets, and weapons, enabling players of the spectacular free-to-play shooter to take the field with a completely fresh playstyle thanks to the power of hackers. Wait, don’t misunderstand that – we’re not talking about the bad kind of hacker that ruins everyone’s fun.

Find out below what there is to know about The Finals Season 2, which is out in just a couple of days from now.

The Finals Season 2: new map

A rogue hacking collective by the name of CNS has compromised the game show players are participating in as part of The Finals’ setting, which leads to all kinds of thrilling shenanigans in Season 2. One of these is the new map introduced to The Finals, SYS$HORIZON. It’s a glitchy, neon-colored cityscape in which visual bugs and faulty geometry allows players to move in very unexpected ways, surprising their opponents.

The Finals Season 2 poster.

The Finals Season 2 features hackers that actually add fun to the game.

The Finals Season 2: new gadgets

For even more reality-altering powers, The Finals Season 2 has the brand-new Hacker Playstyle. It comes with a bunch of new gadgets that allow you to remove terrain, manipulate gravity, and transform items – yeah, it’s going to be wild.

Here’s an overview of the new gadgets in The Finals Season 2:

  • The Gateway (Light): Ever played the Engineer in Team Fortress? This allows you to set up a teleport network between two points, enabling players to traverse long distances in the blink of an eye to show up from a surprising angle or reinforce a fight quickly.
  • The Dematerializer (Medium): Temporarily wipe out walls, floors, ceilings, and whatever else is in your path to see, move, and shoot through.
  • The Data Reshaper (Medium): Did you ever think that it’d be quite handy to have an item that could just change an enemy mine into a harmless chair? Well, the Data Reshaper is making this wish a reality. Think of it as a sheep stick from Dota 2, but for fortifications.
  • The Anti-Gravity Cube (Heavy): You better believe you can fly! This handy tool defies the laws of gravity, lifting players and objects in its immediate vicinity into the air.

The Finals Season 2: new weapons

If you’re not interested in those kinds of toys, don’t worry: The Finals Season 2 is expanding the weapons arsenal as well:

  • 93R (Light): burst-fire machine pistol.
  • FAMAS (Medium): burst-fire assault rifle.
  • KS-23 (Heavy): slug shotgun.

The Finals Season 2: new game mode

When it comes to using all of these brand-new tools, Embark Studios is upgrading the variety as well in the form of an additional game mode called Power Shift. Pitting two teams of five players against each other, Power Shift is a tug-of-war type mode. Both teams need to escort a floating platform to locations in opposite directions. With the platforms being able to destroy terrain and be affected by physics, this mode is making full use of The Finals’ impressive technical base.

For competitively-minded players, Season 2 features an overhauled league system for a better ranked play experience, including weekly rewards and a streamlined career progression. Tests for private matches will be available in Season 2 as well.

You can watch the update’s trailer below:

The Finals Season 2 is coming PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S on March 14, 2024.