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Enshrouded map size: how big is the game world?

How big is the Enshrouded map?

Enshrouded’s open world has a lot to explore and plenty of ways that you can gather resources. It’s handcrafted, rather than taking the procedural generation route that many survival games do, but just how much is there to explore? Thankfully, fans have done some digging and discovered just how big Enshrouded’s map is, as well as how big it’s planned to be when it leaves early access.

Enshrouded map size

An Enshrouded character with a tool made from metal scraps is looking over a stone town inspired by medieval architecture

Enshrouded is 24 square kilometers (approximately 9 square miles), which needless to say, is pretty big. To compare it to some other major titles, Cyberpunk 2077’s map – not including DLC – is 24 square kilometers too.

The game has only just entered early access though, and there’s more map to come. The developers have said that what’s currently in the game is just one-third of the map they plan to have in the game’s full release. That would put Enshrouded’s final map size at 72 square kilometers (approximately 27 square miles), which would be roughly the same as Forza Horizon 4.

Things are always subject to change, but even if the map never grew from its current size, it’s still impressively large.