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Enshrouded: how to get Nitrate

How to make Nitrate in Enshrouded

Nitrate is a material crucial to progressing the Alchemists’ path in Enshrouded, but it’ll take a while before you’re able to craft it. Not only does it require you to have located the Alchemist in the first place and built their lab, but it also requires materials from a great variety of sources in the game world.

We’ll explain how to make Nitrate in Enshrouded so you can keep progressing.

How to make Nitrate in Enshrouded


Once you’ve set up the Alchemist’s Lab, you can view the following recipe for Nitrate:

  • 5 Sand
  • 5 Salt
  • 1 Wood Acid
  • 1 Alchemical Base

Sand is a surprisingly difficult material to obtain at first, as you have to travel out to Kindlewastes region, which can harbor great danger if you’re not prepared.

Salt is much easier to find, as you can find Egerton Salt Mine early on, just west of the Springlands Ancient Spire.

Wood Acid requires you to have unlocked and built the Charcoal Kiln in our base – which you get via the Blacksmith. Once it’s built all you need is 15 wood logs and 3 dirt to create the acid.

Finally, the Alchemical Base can be crafted at the Alchemy Station using 1 Mycelium, 1 Shroud Liquid, 1 Shroud Spore, and 1 Water.

Put them all together and you’ll have the explosive Nitrate you need.