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Enshrouded: how to get Padding

How to make Padding in Enshrouded

We all want the coolest-looking and strongest armor in Enshrouded, but you’ve got to really put in the work to make it happen. Among the many materials needed for higher-tier armor is Padding, so that the heavy metals are comfy when you wear them, and just that little bit stronger when they take the hits.

We’ll explain how to make Padding and where you can find each of the required ingredients.

How to make Padding in Enshrouded

An Enshrouded character looks at a large settlement with buildings made from clay

The recipe for Padding is:

  • 3 Fabric
  • 1 Leather
  • 2 Resin
  • 3 Linen

For almost all of this, you’ll need to complete quests for the Hunter.

Starting with Linen, you can get this by completing the Hunter’s third quest and getting the Hand Spindle, which will let you turn two Flax Flowers into one Linen.

The Hunter’s fourth quest will get you the Tanning Station, which is what you need to craft Leather, and finally, their fifth quest will get you the Loom, which you can use to turn Linen into Fabric.

Finally, Resin is the easiest part of this equation, as you get it from cutting down big trees.

Put that all together and the Padding is yours.