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Honkai: Star Rail – Robin revealed for update 2.2

Death won’t stop her from putting on a show
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It looks like one of the mysteries of the ongoing Honkai: Star Rail story arc has been solved, as Robin has been revealed as an upcoming character for update 2.2. She’s going to be a 5-Star character and follow The Harmony, as you’d expect from a member of The Family, while her Damage Type will be Physical. Naturally, this puts her into the position of being another support unit for your teams.

To address the elephant in the room: Yes, it looks like Robin’s demise at the end of the version 2.0 Trailblaze Mission was merely a fakeout, as many players had already expected. Of course, HoYoverse could do something unexpected here in making a dead character playable after they passed away, but it’s more likely that Robin faked her death to advance a scheme of her own – everyone has a plan on Penacony, after all.

Honkai: Star Rail Robin reveal artwork showing her performing a song on a stage.

Robin's harmonious voice will boost the power of her allies after her arrival in update 2.2.

Another interesting thing about Robin is that two VAs have been announced for her: Alice Himora will be Robin’s voice, while Chevy will deliver her song vocals – so perhaps we’re literally getting mini-concerts whenever she’s in battle, as she’s using her Harmony-powered voice to buff her allies?

Here’s the official lore tidbit coming with the announcement:

“There's a saying — the more demanding the diner, the stronger the skills of the chef... but no matter what others say, I'll always be demanding more from myself.”

A Halovian singer born in Penacony and rose to cosmic fame. An elegant and demure young lady. This time, she has been invited home by The Family to grace everyone with a song at the Charmony Festival. She can use the power of Harmony to broadcast her music, manifesting “resonance” among not only her fans but all manner of lifeforms.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait for Robin a while longer: Update 2.1 is up on the agenda first and we’ll get all the details about that in the upcoming version 2.1 livestream. It’ll have Acheron, Aventurine, and Gallagher in tow as new characters.