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Like most Final Fantasy games, the story of FF16 is just as important as the gameplay. The game has a rather large cast of important characters, all of whom have large-than-life moments. Such grand stories require equally grand performances behind them, and we know quite a few of the actors that are filling these roles in the English version of the game.

Here is the full Final Fantasy 16 English cast.

Ben Starr is Clive Rosfield

Final Fantasy 16 Clive

Providing both the child and adult voices of protagonist Clive is Ben Starr, who has a variety of TV roles under his belt. He also has a couple of video game credits such as Company of Heroes 2, but Final Fantasy 16 is his by far his biggest role yet.

Logan Hannan is Joshua Rosfield

Final Fantasy 16 Joshua

Logan Hannan is a child actor who has already had a decent amount of fame as Hugo in the A Plague games, as well as a handful of smaller roles in Hogwarts Legacy.

Susannah Fielding is Jill Warrick

Final Fantasy 16 Jill

Susannah Fielding has worked in TV for a long time, with roles in shows like Black Mirror and Death in Paradise, but she’s no stranger to video games either. She’s voiced in The Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077, and Diablo 4.

Charlotte McBurney is young Jill Warrick

Final Fantasy 16 young Jill

Playing Jill’s child-self, Charlotte McBurney is most well-known for playing Amicia in the A Plague Tale games.

Ralph Ineson is Cidolfus Telamon

Final Fantasy 16 Cid

Ralph Ineson has been in a bit of everything, including Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Peaky Blinders, and Guardians of the Galaxy. As for video games, he was most recently in Diablo 4.

Nina Yndis is Benedikta Harman

Final Fantasy 16 Benedikta

Nina Yndis has been in a handful of video games over the years, from small games like Raft, to bigger titles like Bravely Default 2 and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Alex Lanipekun is Hugo Kupka

Final Fantasy 16 Hugo

Alex Lanipekun has done a fair few prominent video games in recent years. He debuted in Horizon Zero Dawn as Nil and has since voiced in Mass Effect Andromeda, Control, and As Dusk Falls.

Stewart Clarke is Dion Lesage

Final Fantasy 16 Dion

Stewart Clarke made his video game debut in Troy: A Total War Saga, voicing in both Horizon Forbidden West and Valkyrie Elysium since.

David Menkin is Barnabas Tharmr

Final Fantasy 16 Barnabas

David Menkin has had recurring roles in prominent kids shows over the years like Thomas the Tank Engine and Bob the Builder, but he’s got a storied video game career too. He’s voiced in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Diablo 4, and Final Fantasy 14.