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Football Manager 2024 transfer budgets: best clubs

Check out the richest teams to start your career with
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Money alone doesn't make you happy, true. But if you play Football Manager 2024, you will need a significant budget to make your desired purchases in the transfer market, so we certainly don't mind having it available in abundance.

Before you ask: Yes, Football Manager does include the Saudi Arabian league with clubs like Al-Hilal and Al-Ittihad, but unfortunately they are not playable in this iteration, so you can’t start your career swimming in petrodollars and purchasing every player that can stand on two legs.

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Did you know? Money can be traded for goods and services.

There are plenty of other fish in the sea, though, so don’t worry about that all too much. We have compiled a ranking of the teams with the biggest budgets in Football Manager 2024 to invest in transfers with.

How the budget works in Football Manager 2024

If you've made it this far, chances are that you've searched the web to see which club has the highest budget in Football Manager 2024 and found conflicting answers about it. How come?

The reason is probably that there are various types of budgets in the game. There are the clubs that have the most money overall, with lots of extra cash on hand to invest in facilities and such.

Then there are clubs that have the highest signing budgets, which means you will be able to afford one of the best Football Manager 2024 free agents or one of the best players in Football Manager 2024 with an expiring contract, since you will easily be able to pay their wages.

And finally there are the clubs with the highest transfer budgets, which will enable you to go from club to club and leave money bags at their door before dragging out their best players and putting them into your club’s kit.

Below, you will find the richest clubs in each league as well as the teams with the highest transfer budgets.

Richest clubs in each league in Football Manager 2024

  • Premier League: Brighton
  • La Liga: Celta Vigo
  • Eredivisie: Ajax
  • Ligue 1: PSG
  • Serie A: Napoli
  • Bundesliga: FC Bayern
  • J1 League: Kawasaki-F

Clubs with the highest transfer budget in Football Manager 2024

  1. Brighton (Premier League) - $99 million
  2. Liverpool (Premier League) - $80 million
  3. Manchester City (Premier League) - $44 million
  4. Celta Vigo (La Liga) - $42 million
  5. Ajax (Eredivisie) - $37 million
  6. Napoli (Serie A) - $37 million
  7. Brentford (Premier League) - $37 million
  8. PSG (Ligue 1) - $32 million
  9. Monaco (Ligue 1) - $32 million
  10. West Ham (Premier League) - $29 million
  11. Real Madrid (Liga) - $26 million
  12. Athletic Bilbao (La Liga) - $26 million
  13. Fulham (Premier League) - $24 million
  14. Tottenham (Premier League) - $24 million
  15. FC Bayern (Bundesliga) - $21 million
  16. AC Milan (Serie A) - $21 million
  17. Atalanta (Serie A) - $21 million
  18. RB Leipzig (Bundesliga) - $21 million
  19. Kawasaki-F (J1 League) - $20 million
  20. FC-Tokyo (J1 League) - $19 million

A well-filled pocketbook will enable you to scout and develop the best Football Manager 2024 wonderkids, but don’t worry if your team is operating on a shoestring budget, because we also have the best cheap players in Football Manager 2024 for you.