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Forspoken tips and tricks to help you master the mystic arts

Forspoken's magic combat can take a bit of getting used to, and there are a few tricks that will give you an edge

As you wander around Forspoken’s massive world you’re sure to get into our fair share of tricky spots. Be it an overwhelming horde of Breakzombies, or one powerful Mutant that keeps kicking your butt, there are a bunch of small nuances to Forspoken’s combat that can help you come out on top in every fight. We’ve got a bunch of tips and tricks which will make your time in the land of Asia run all the smother.

If you're looking to fill out your roster of spells, then check out our guide for the best Forspoken spells to get you ready to go.

Forspoken Mulberry Font
Forspoken Blast Slice
Forspoken Support Spell selection
Forspoken Parkour skills
Forspoken leaping over enemies with magic parkour
Forspoken upgrading a cloak
Forspoken Amplify skill
Forspoken locking minigame
Forspoken menu full pause
Forspoken Automatic item gathering