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The many monsters of Forspoken can easily overwhelm you if you don’t come prepared. Your attack spells will deal with foes well enough, but if you really want the edge in combat you need to invest in a good lineup of support spells. These spells all have unique effects that are useful in different scenarios. We’ll tell you which ones you should unlock first, and what you should be using the most in battle. We’re keeping this focused around the early game, so you can build up a good foundation, meaning we’ll only be talking about purple and red magic abilities.

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Forspoken best spells: Disperse

Forspoken Disperse spell

Disperse will deal heavy damage to a crowd in Forspoken

This is one of the support spells you start with, and you’ll quickly learn that it’s one of the most useful in the entire game. This spell raises a plant from the ground that acts as a turret, rapid-firing at the nearest enemy to it. It’s great for keeping enemies at bay, as well as putting continuous damage on enemies that have passive healing. It’s something you should always throw down at the start of a battle.

Forspoken best spells: Crucible

Forspoken Crucible spell

Crucible is a Forspoken spell that will boost your attack but force you into close quarters

This is one of the first spells you can unlock when you defeat Tanta Sila and get access to red magic. On casting a big circle of fire will appear on the ground around you, not only will this damage any enemy that passes through it, but it will boost the attack of anything inside it. There’s a bit of risk-reward here, as you’ll be forced to get up close with your enemies, but as long as you keep dodging, you’ll benefit from the attack boost.

Forspoken best spells: Tendril

Forspoken Tendril spell

Tendril will stop you from getting overwhelmed and heal you for good measure in Forspoken

On the purple magic tree, this spell will have you unleash a tendril in a circle around you. This is great for crowd control, as it sends nearby enemies flying, but it will also absorb health from anything it hits. If you’re trying to save your healing draughts or have just run out, then this skill will keep you alive in a pinch.

Forspoken best spells: Fusillade

Forspoken Fusillade spell

Fusillade will keep you safe while you charge up other Forspoken spells

Some of the more powerful attack spells require time to charge up, which is what makes Fusillade a must-have from the red magic tree. This will spawn a couple of spears on your back that will automatically shoot out and strike enemies whenever you are charging a spell. This will stop your casts from being interrupted, letting you pull off your best attacks with ease.

Forspoken best spells: Prime

Forspoken Prime spell

Prime can wipe an entire horde off the map in Forspoken

It’s always fun to watch our enemies disappear in a puff of smoke. Prime will lay an explosive trap on the ground in front of you which will trigger as soon as an enemy steps on it. It does a lot of damage and has a surprisingly big range, so a horde of Breakzombies can be completely wiped out with a well-placed cast of this spell.