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The weekly challenges in Fortnite have taken a strange turn these past couple of weeks as they tie into the Winterfest event running until January 3. This means you’ll be getting lots of holiday-themed challenges to brighten up the Fortnite map in time for the big day, as well as plenty of other winter-themed activities.

This week you’ll be putting up decorations and then smashing them down in a bout of confusing messaging – also, pizza.

Decorate the traffic lights for Winterfest (3)

Fortnite traffic light

Head over to an area with lots of roads like Slappy Shores and find yourself some traffic lights. Go up to them and you’ll see an interact button, hold it down for a while and the lights will become holly and jolly with Christm– Winterfest cheer. You don’t have to do all three in the same match, so you can always come back later if you get pulled away.

Throw Holiday Presents at different named locations (3)

Fortnite Holiday Presents

Holiday Presents are items containing lots of loot that you can find in chests or even as random floor loot. To collect the items from them you must throw them onto the floor and break down the massive present structure. For this challenge you simply have to throw one down at three different named locations. You can spot these easily on the map, as they’re all labeled. Even if you haven’t discovered them yet, they’ll be marked with “???” on the map.

Check the Cozy Lodge each day to possibly find a slice of pizza (3)

Fortnite Cozy Lodge with characters inside watching TV

On the main menu of Fortnite along the bar at the top you should see a snowflake icon with a number inside of it. Clicking this will take you to the cozy lodge where a few characters are hanging out along with a bunch of presents, where you can claim one each day. Along side this, each day a slice of pizza has a chance of spawning somewhere in the lodge. Just select the pizza when you spot it to progress this challenge. Make sure you check every day this week until you get the three you need.

Pop out of a giant snowball and damage players within 10 seconds (250)

Fortnite giant snowball

Giant snowballs can be made by going to the snowy section in the northeast of the map and whacking the ground a few times with your pickaxe. Eventually, it’ll become big enough that you can start rolling it around, which will make it grow even larger – be careful though, as it will deal damage if it hits you at speed. Once it’s big enough you’ll be able to hide inside of it, then all you have to do is wait for someone to come by, leap out, and start blasting.

Run over holiday decorations with vehicles (3)

Fortnite Neo with some holiday decorations

Despite all this work you’re doing to make Fortnite Christmassy, the game now wants you to tear some of it down. Anything holiday-themed out in the world will do for this challenge, be a humbug if you like and run it all down with your car.

Deal damage to opponents while standing on the snow or ice (75)

Fortnite Brutal Bastion

A nice and simple challenge here, because despite Fortnite Chapter 4’s map having several different biomes, only one of them matters this Winterfest. Just make sure you do as much fighting as possible in the snowy biome and you’ll get this challenge in no time. 75 damage isn’t even someone’s full health bar, so you technically don’t even need to kill anyone. You probably should though, it is still a battle royale.