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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 Week 8’s challenges are here and they really want you to throw stuff this week. Not entirely sure why the team is suddenly so obsessed with it, but all of the challenges – bar one – ask you to throw stuff during matches. Still, it’s a nice and easy way to earn yourself 16k XP for each challenge, along with extra XP rewards for completing multiple challenges.

Remember, since the start of Chapter 4, you only have seven days to complete these challenges, so you best get going as soon as possible.

Fortnite challenges: Throw something (1)

Fortnite Fireflies

See? Told you they wanted you to throw things. This can be just about anything other than a gun. Grenades, Fireflies, and even fruit and veg will satisfy the conditions for this one.

Fortnite challenges: Throw something within five seconds of damaging an opponent (1)

Fortnite shockwave grenade

Why this challenge and the previous one had to be separate is a mystery, but it makes getting both of them at once easy. Make sure you have a throwable in your hotbar when you go into a fight, once you get the elimination, quick switch and throw it out.

Fortnite challenges: Hide in different bushes that you threw down (2)

Fortnite Bush Bomb

If you missed it in the recent Fortnite update, one of the items we now have access to is the Bush Bomb. This item will do exactly what you expect, spawning a bush in front of you that you can hide in. Find two Bush Bombs in any match and hide inside them to complete this challenge.

Fortnite challenges: Eliminate a player with no ranged weapons in your inventory and while on foot (1)

Fortnite Pickaxe

This is a more difficult challenge, but one you can still use throwables for if you have your heart set on it. In truth, your best bet is to try and get an elimination right at the beginning of a match, because your opponent is less likely to have any good gear to defend themselves. Try and land as near to people as possible and charge in with your pickaxe.

Fortnite challenges: Use Chug Splash, Grenades, and Fireflies (10)

Fortnite Chug Splash

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that these are all throwables. They’ll be a little harder to find than random fruit and veg, but if you keep looting you should come across Chug Splash and Grenades in chests regularly. Fireflies are a little different, as you can grab them out in the wild when you see a group of them fluttering about. This is a four-stage challenge though, so you’ll need to throw a lot of stuff to complete it all.

Fortnite challenges: Finish anything but first in different matches (1)

Fortnite 99th place

In last week’s Fortnite weekly challenges, I claimed that it contained the easiest challenge ever. However, it seems to have been surpassed just one week later by this one.

You’re not reading that wrong, all you have to do for this challenge is THROW the in deliberately you get it? So feel free to hop into a match, immediately die, finish 99th, and complete this challenge. It’s a four-stage challenge too, so you can get a bunch of easy XP out of it.