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The new jungle biome in Fortnite Wilds is home to a bunch of secrets, and your attention will no doubt be drawn to the various temples around the place. In these areas, you’ll find doors to vaults that won’t budge, instead offering you a small hint at how to open them.

We’ll help you solve these puzzles, with the first being the door that asks you to “...find…flames”. Getting these doors open is well worth your trouble, so we’ll tell you how to solve the find flames Fortnite puzzle.

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Find flames puzzle solution – Fortnite

Fortnite braziers

The exact solution will be different each time, but what you must do is search the temple for a set of braziers that are lit in a certain pattern. Return to the door and you’ll see another set of braziers nearby. You must make the set near the door match the pattern found elsewhere in the temple.

The braziers are in different locations in each temple, but they aren’t too hard to find if you wander around. Note that they burn with a purple flame so you can’t get them mixed up with regular torches.

Find flames puzzle reward – Fortnite

Fortnite Flapjack Rifle

Completing the puzzles will open the vault, letting you access up to three rare chests and up to three common chests in each one, as well as some rare ground loot. These have a much higher chance of giving Epic or Legendary quality items, plus, this season you have a chance to get the Mythic version of the Flapjack Rifle.