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There’s more than one way to camouflage yourself in Fortnite Wilds. You can take the messy path and slide through mud, coating yourself in a camouflage layer, or you can pick up the new Cloak Gauntlets, added in patch 25.10, to temporarily turn invisible.

It’s great when you’re taking advantage of these tools, but not so much when the enemy insists on doing the same. Never fear though, as there are ways to make sure they have nowhere to hide. Using certain weapons and items, you can reveal enemy players, making them visible through walls for a little while.

How to reveal enemy players – Fortnite 25.10

Fortnite Tracker Pistol

Peely will give you the Shadow Tracker pistol in Fortnite, for a price.

The easiest way to reveal enemy players is to hit them with a Flare Gun. It was recently re-added and reveals anyone you hit with it. It can be found on the ground or in chests, the only caveat is that it doesn’t work on any who is covered in mud.

It’s not the only gun that can do that though. Head to Shady Slits and speak to the NPC Peely. For 400 bars, they’ll give you the Shadow Tracker pistol, a silenced weapon that also reveals anyone you hit with it. The difference with this is that you’ll be able to remain hidden yourself.

There are also some NPCs that have the ability to scan the nearby area for enemies, revealing them, but that can be quite expensive. Finally, if you’re near a capture point, claiming it for yourself will reveal everyone nearby, which would easily fulfill this challenge’s requirements.