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Fortnite: how to solve a puzzle at a ruin

Fortnite Wild's weekly challenges need you to solve a puzzle at a ruin for a free Battle Pass level

Fortnite Wild’s jungle biome hides a couple of different ruins that aren’t easy to get into. They’ll ask you to complete a puzzle before they let you in, and this week’s Fortnite weekly challenges need you to go out and solve one for a free Battle Pass level.

We’ll show you where to find temples, and how to solve a puzzle so you can get some powerful loot and complete this week’s final challenge.

Fortnite Wilds ruin locations

Fortnite Ruins

There are three ruins you can try your hand at, all three of them big stone structures in the jungle. As their name suggests, the Northern Ruin is in the north – near where the jungle meets the snow – and the Southern Ruin is in the south, near the border to Mega City’s biome.

The final one, the Hidden Ruin, which is northwest of Creeky Compound, built into a cliff on the border of the autumnal biome.

How to solve a puzzle at a ruin – Fortnite

Fortnite braziers

Exactly what puzzle you get is randomly generated each time. The Hidden Ruin has the “Find the Flames” puzzle, which you can see our guide for at that link.

There are three different kinds of puzzles you could face. The first is simple, sacrifice a weapon or item of Epic rarity or better.

Next is to activate the correct statue out of a group. Unfortunately, this puzzle is mostly guesswork, but the penalty for failure is simply being warped out of the temple, wasting a bit of time.

The final puzzle is the braziers puzzle. Go down into the basement of the temple and you’ll find braziers lit in a certain pattern. Return to the puzzle room and make those braziers match the pattern in the basement to open the door.