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Fortnite: How to hit weak points with a pickaxe

Fortnite weak points are something you might not have noticed, but they're very useful

Fortnite OG continues to roll on, and thanks to this season's shorter length, you're going to have to act quickly to pick up all of the juicy XP from this season's weekly challenges. Most of them are pretty easy this time around, but one involves weak points, a mechanic you may not have even realized existed despite it sitting right under your nose.

We’ll explain how to hit weak points so you can fulfill this week’s challenges.

How to hit weak points – Fortnite

Fortnite Weak Point

Weak points are the target indicator when breaking a resource.

When you start swinging at a resource, be it a tree, rock, or part of a structure, you’ll see a blue target indicator pop up with an orange center. This is a weak point.

Line up your crosshair so it’s over the weak point and swing at it with your pickaxe. Hitting it will break the object much quicker than usual, and will earn you a point toward completing this particular challenge.