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The opportunity to get free Fortnite items doesn’t come around every day, so the latest Fortnite Community Battles event should be of great interest to anyone who’s interested in bolstering their collection. The new Winged Cavalry back bling item is a set of metallic wings that will sprout out the back of your character in any Battle Royale match once you have them equipped.

You’ll need to get your hands dirty to win them though, so here’s how to get the Winged Cavalry back bling.

How to earn Winged Cavalry back bling – Fortnite

Fortnite Community Battles Space Battle Ultima

Follow these steps to get the item:

  • Head over to the Fortnite Community Battles website and log in with your Epic Games account so your progress can be tracked.
  • Enter island code 2755-0816-9868 to play the Space Battle Ultima map, created by Prudiz.
  • Eliminate a total of 50 other players across multiple matches (AI-controlled characters don’t count).

Once you reach 50 total eliminations, you’ll receive the Winged Cavalry item at the end of the current match.