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Genshin Impact: How to get the Dark Iron Sword in Chenyu Vale

Chenyu Vale hides a copy of the ultra-rare weapon
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There are quite a few unique weapons in Genshin Impact, most of which are connected to past time-limited events. However, one exception to this is the Dark Iron Sword, a 3-Star weapon of which only a single copy can be obtained by talking to Chen the Sharp, a food vendor located in Liyue Harbor.

There is nothing inherently special about the Dark Iron Sword aside from its curious rarity. It has Elemental Mastery as its second stat and comes with an effect that increases the wielder’s Attack after they’ve triggered Overloaded, Superconduct, Electro-Charged, Quicken, Aggravate, Hyperbloom, or an Electro-infused Swirl reaction – by no means a terrible ability on the right character.

However, with only a single copy of the weapon being available, there was no way of reaching a higher refinement level, thus maximizing the strength of this passive effect.

Genshin Impact Dark Iron Sword screenshot.

The Dark Iron Sword is one of the rarest weapons in Genshin Impact.

Enter Chenyu Vale, Liyue’s latest sub-area introduced in Genshin Impact update 4.4. Against all odds, you can actually find a second copy of Dark Iron Sword in this region, over three years and four months after the original weapon’s addition to the game. While this won’t allow you to level it to Refinement Level 5 just yet, it’s a start – let’s just hope that a third copy of the sword won’t be taking another three years to arrive.

Here’s how to find Chenyu Vale’s Dark Iron Sword in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: How to get the Dark Iron Sword in Chenyu Vale

After first arriving in Chenyu Vale and activating the Statue of the Seven in the east of the region, follow the road west towards Mount Lingmeng, where a waypoint is waiting to be activated close to a combat arena.

Genshin Impact map of Chenyu Valley.

It's not far to Mount Lingmeng from the initial Statue of the Seven.

From here, you’ll be able to see a large stone door blocking the entrance into the mountain. Go to the door and interact with it to knock. This will bring about an encounter with a representative of the declining Guhua Martial Arts School, to which Xingqiu belongs. Agree to wait while the person brings another member of the school and then confirm with this old man, who’s called Huang the Third, that you want to enter the Wangshan Hall. He’ll make you succeed in two simple trials first.

Genshin Impact Wangshan Hall entrance.

Wangshan Hall is carved into the mountain.

Once that’s done, you may enter the Wangshan Hall. This is not complicated in any way, so just follow the instructions of the mission and advance deeper into the mountain. In the library, you’ll need to activate a mechanism to pave the way forward. You do this by storing the four scriptures found in this room in the correct shelves. Your Elemental Sight will help you identify the right spot for each container and all you need to do is move them around with the power of the Adepti you got upon entering the region. This will lower the water level in the library and create a way down.

Genshin Impact Wangshan Hall puzzle screenshot.

Identify the elements of the scripture and the shelves with your Elemental Sight.

There is a chamber with yet another mechanism here – and you’ll need to work on this to get the “A Wangshan Walk to Remember” side quest completed – but what interests us the most is the Common Chest found on the south wall of this chamber, nestled between crumbling walls.

Genshin Impact Wangshan Hall chest with Dark Iron Sword screenshot.

Check the ruin at the southern wall in the final chamber to find the Common Chest with the weapon.

Open it and you’ll have found the second-ever copy of Dark Iron Sword available in the game – now that’s a treasure! Don’t forget to lock this weapon once it’s in your inventory so it’s not used up as fodder material or refine your other Dark Iron Sword to the second level.