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Once you’re deep into the mines on your hunt for Tyr, you’ll come across a large gap and find a claw suspended underwater. There are also a series of troughs and waterwheels above.

The first thing you need to do is look at the water wheel on the left and throw your ax into the trough right above it. This will raise the claw, allowing you to hop across. From here, with your back to the elevator, freeze the trough up and to the left. This will cause the elevator to descend. Hop aboard and recall your ax to head up.

Further into the Applecore, you’ll find a similar puzzle, but this time Atreus will be on a switch while you’re across from him throwing your ax into a series of water troughs.

The first thing you need to do is freeze the trough on your left just in front of the waterwheel right next to it. Then get Atreus to pull the lever. This will send a series of ore deposits up to your ice block, and they’ll stay there once you recall your ax, allowing you to take aim at another trough without losing that waterwheel.

Now freeze the trough on the right level with the waterwheel also on the right. This will raise the claw in front of you and allow you to grapple across. Once here, you have to get Atreus to fire sonic arrows at the stones you used to block up the original trough. This will move the platform and allow you to meet up with Atreus.

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