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There’s a chest on the east side of The Barrens, just north of the cave entrance. When you arrive at it, you’ll see that it’s overgrown with dark elf vines.

You know the drill by now — the aim is to hit all of the glowing points in quick succession, but this one is more difficult than most. You see, you don’t just have to find the right angle for this one. You also have to do it backward.

Stand precisely in the spot I’m in here, in this screenshot, then throw your ax just above the last target in the row.


Wait for the vine to regenerate if you broke it, then recall your ax. Done right, you’ll take all three points out on the recall.

Open the chest to get some well-deserved crafting components.


If you’re looking for the other chest, just to the west of The Below cave, after you squeeze into the gap, this one is similar. Your aim here is to hit the twilight stone so you break two of the glowing points, and break the final one on the recall.

Position yourself just to the left of the lone vine, throw your ax, and recall it as soon as it hits the second vine.


Inside this chest, you’ll find the Rond of Affliction, a shield attachment that causes elemental explosions on shield strikes against stunned enemies. It also has 11 Defence, 9 Runic, and 9 Cooldown.