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You’ll kick this puzzle off by giving Atreus a leg up onto a higher platform. Once he’s up, he’ll jump across and you can command him to pull a lever with Square. This will drop a platform that will allow you to jump across. There’s just one catch — it’ll keep moving. You have to freeze the nearby gear when it’s parallel so you can hop over.

God of War Ragnarök_Jarnsmida Pitmines puzzle

Once on the other side, hop to the next platform and you can use your blades to pull a grapple point and rotate a water trough. This will raise the concrete block that’s barring your way forward.

God of War Ragnarök_Jarnsmida Pitmines puzzle 3

Drop down, climb up to the next platform, then throw your ax at the trough to stop the water flow, lowering the concrete block so you can grapple onto it. Recall your ax once you’re standing on top and it’ll raise you up, allowing you to hop across and open a gate to meet Atreus.

God of War Ragnarök_Jarnsmida Pitmines puzzle 4

On the other side, hop over the small gap and move the cart aside. Sindri will show up to give you a light source for the mines. From here you could go straight into the mines, but you might as well get some goodies first, including a Kvasir’s Poem.

Once you’ve got the light source from Sindri and you’re right near the entrance to the mine, you’ll be attacked by some of the frog-like enemies. Mop them up.

God of War Ragnarök_Jarnsmida Pitmines puzzle 5

Once they’re dead, circle around to the right of where you moved the cart (from the direction you were looking at the cart when you first came to it) and you’ll see a grapple point for your blades. Tug at it and you’ll turn a water trough and cause a huge crane to spin around.

Destroy the nearby rubble by smashing the red jar, then head back the way you came. 

God of War Ragnarök_Jarnsmida Pitmines puzzle 6

Where you opened the gate with Atreus, you can now hook onto a large block of concrete. From there, look back to the hook point and throw your ax at the trough above it to freeze the water flow. The crane will turn again, but taking you with it this time. On the other side, you’ll find a Kvasir Poem and some other goodies.

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